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57 Reasons New Tires & Brakes Couldn't Be Easier!

Reason #1: We stand behind our service and products. If for any reason you are not really pleased, we'll make it right for you. Period.

Reason #2: Most companies guarantee their Tire & Wheel balances for 90 days or 3,000 miles. Tire works' balance is good for 6 months or 6,000 miles.

Reason #3: 3,175 sizes and brands of tires like, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Yokohama, Continental, General, Dayton, Fuzion and many more.

Reason #4: All alloy wheels and tires are mounted using high-tech, specially designed machines to ensure that your wheels are never scratched or broken. We take the utmost care not to scratch, bend or damage your wheels in any way.

Reason #5: Tire Works owners have family cars that carry their children. And just like yours, they are serviced in our shops. So when it comes to tires, brakes, alignments and balancing, we have to be perfectionists.

Reason #6: Every Tire Works sale includes a 30 day lowest price guarantee - Every Day! Our people are constantly shopping the competition, but if you find the same tire in any Las Vegas retail ad for a lower price than what you paid at Tire Works, bring in the ad within 30 days and we will gladly refund the difference (same size and model; if tires are shipped, tire prices do not include shipping and handling). We will match any Las Vegas retailer's price on the same tire. This is your assurance of always getting the best value at Tire Works – Guaranteed. Call for details.

Reason #7: If for some reason you aren’t able to come back and let us check your tire balance every 4,000 miles per your guarantee, don’t worry. We will still honor your warranty.

Reason #8: Tire Works 7 key values: Excellence, honesty, cleanliness, Efficiency, Friendliness, Teamwork and Success.

Reason #9: We have spotless well-lit showrooms and restrooms for our customers.

Reason #10: Our mission: which is to create a business based on our vision and values that change the way people feel about our industry.

Reason #11: We recognize your time is valuable, so our service is fast and on time!

Reason #12: When you buy tires from one company and then have brake work or wheel alignment done at another company, you're likely to find yourself caught between the two if there is ever a problem. We take responsibility for the tires, brakes, wheels and alignment.

Reason #13: We're not superstitious.

Reason #14: Only premium quality replacement parts are used, unless you desire otherwise.

Reason #15: We know it's inconvenient to have to come back to a tire store, so we keep a huge selection of tires in stock. Whatever tires you have on your car, we'll try very hard to replace them immediately with exactly the tires you want, no matter the brand...no problem. If you call for a tire and we should have it in stock but don't, we will give you the next slightly better tires at the same price!

Reason #16: We shop the competition weekly and adjust our prices accordingly.

Reason #17: We hand-torque all wheels.

Reason #18: We have the fastest tire people in the West.

Reason #19: Our industry, - leading high – tech computerized equipment not only allows you to spin balance, but we are the only company in Las Vegas that can measure and rectify your tire/wheel assembly for flex variation.

Reason #20: Free tire rotation and flat repair on most vehicles (on any tire purchased at Tire Works)

Reason #21: Our warranties are transferable. So if you sell your car or give it to one of your children, the warranty will still be good.

Reason #22: Not only do we offer regular computer balancing, Tire Works tire service craftsmen are trained on Laser Balance so we can also factor in tire and wheel flex.

Reason #23: We're specialists: we don't spread our efforts all over. We practice and learn, practice and learn, practice and learn only what is around your wheels, so we can be the best in the world!

Reason #24: Running late? Even if you arrive right before our closing time, we'll try to help you get whatever tires, wheels or service you need.

Reason #25: When you purchase your Road Hazard Guarantee, we will repair or replace your flat tire for free.

Reason #26: If our hours don't meet your busy schedule, take advantage of our drop-off service, and we'll take care of your car while you work!

Reason #27: Our clean, fresh popular waiting areas have color television and current popular magazines to make your visit pleasant and relaxing.

Reason #28: Can't get back to pick up your car? No problem. We’ll take good care of it overnight for you, and leave it inside our locked shop for your protection.

Reason #29: We want you to get the longest life from the tires you buy from us, so we don't restrict your free visits. Come in and we'll rotate them and check the air pressure - every day if you wish.

Reason #30: If we balance your tires and you feel a little vibration, we’ll redo it for 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Reason #31: One way to tell a great shop is by the condition of the service area and tools. The craftsmen at Tire Works pride themselves on cleanliness and organization.

Reason #32: You're a preferred customer and can be quoted our low prices even before you walk through our doors. There is no need to buy a club card.

Reason #33: We offer limited lifetime warranties on brakes and front-end parts.

Reason #34: You'll never to worry about our mechanics suggesting unnecessary parts or service because they aren't paid commission.

Reason #35: The 30-Day Limited Ride Guarantee: If you buy your tires from Tire Works and don't like them within 30 days, bring them back and we'll give you a full credit toward a different set of tires! (Selected Manufacturers, Ask for details.)

Reason #36: If you're the type of person who likes to plan ahead, call for a computer reservation and we'll give you a confirmation number, hold your tires, and set an appointment for you.

Reason #37: We won't tell you the insurance company won’t allow you into the service area. If you'd like to know what's happening to your car and how far along it is. We'll be happy to let you into the exactly what's going on!

Reason #38: Simply dial 702-365-TIRE and you will be connected to the Tire Works location nearest you.

Reason #39: We offer the Tire Works Inspection Program. We can measure and give you a comparison of your rotors, drums, pads, shoes and brake fluid level compared to actual manufacture specifications. This way, the decision about brake work is easy because it's based on facts, not guestimates.

Reason #40: We are committed to eliminating brake squeak. If we can't do it... we don't know anyone who can.

Reason #41: Most wheel alignment warranties are for 90 days; as far as we know, we have the longest standard alignment in the industry – 1 year or 12,000 miles.

Reason #42: We have an ethics committee for company self-examinations.

Reason #43: We only use your automobile company’s manufacturer's specifications for alignment and brakes.

Reason #44: ASE certified craftsmen. Every store has craftsmen certified by the National Institute for Automotive Excellence. We hire the best service technicians and they provide them with the specialized training necessary to maintain and improve their expertise. They take great pride in their work...and we can proudly say they're the best.

Reason #45: We try to be the most convenient tire company. We have many stores throughout the Las Vegas valley. Our stores are open every day, including Sundays. So if you ever need our help in an emergency, we’re probably open and nearby to help.

Reason #46: We keep a computerized record of work done on your car (much like dentist does for your teeth), so if you have any questions, we can look up your car's history.

Reason #47: You can be assured you'll be taken care of by the best people in the industry. Many of our people have worked as managers or supervisors at other companies, but have joined with Tire Works because our commitment to top quality service and workmanship allows them to work with the best... and give their best.

Reason #48: We try to call every customer after they've had service done by us to make sure they're happy with the service.

Reason #49: Our top-notch Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) craftsmen provide computerized printouts of all your alignment angles before and after each alignment, along with the manufacturer's recommended specifications so you can actually see if you need an alignment and can verify that one was done.

Reason #50: We have highly trained custom wheel design specialists. They have the expertise, the pricing, and they know how to give your car that really special look.

Reason #51: The standard by which we measure the work we do on your car is the same by which we measure the work we do on our families and friend's car.

Reason #52: Tire Works is committed to equal employment for all applicants and employees of race, color, creed, age, religion, sex, or national origin.

Reason #53: We frequently send secret test cars and shoppers into stores to make sure we treat everyone right and that the quality of our work is out standing.

Reason #54: Our Charter: Tire Works is in the business of providing products and services related to wheels; catering our product assortment, services, advertising and attitude to MAINSTREAM .. AMERICA.

Reason #55: Tire Works has a pro-rated road hazard warranty that comes free with almost every tire we sell.

Reason #56: For really, really busy people we offer later evening hours.

Reason #57:We have our Corporate number posted in every store so you can call our headquarters directly if you have a comment.

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